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Wolfie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Glenn, in loving memory of her Eddy


Meet Wolfie! He is a male terrier mix, about 10lbs and about 8 years old. His enthusiasm for life and energy make him seem much younger though.

He is mostly house trained but has had a few accidents. It took him a little time to adjust to our home and routine, but has not had any potty accidents in a few weeks. He is a happy little dog with medium – high energy. He is affectionate and loves cuddling, giving kisses, and sleeping under the covers! He is very good with cats and most dogs. Wolfie is crate trained and loves finding secret places to sleep.

He can be vocal if he hears someone in the apartment hallway. He is very friendly but can be timid at times. He can be mouthy when playing sometimes (similar to a puppy). Wolfie may benefit from some basic obedience training, at home or with a trainer.

Wolfie would do best in a house (as his occasional barking may disturb neighbors in an apartment building). He would be best with older kids because of his energy. He is looking for a home either as the only dog, or with a small to medium size dog that is more submissive than dominant. He has no issues with cats. Wolfie loves his people and would like a home where his people aren’t gone more than 3-4 hours at a time.

Overall he is a very sweet, happy, and loving dog that wants to shower his people with all his love!

Wolfie was lovingly fostered by Kate