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Winslow has an application in progress

Sponsored by Dale GS, in honour of Save Me volunteers’ Lisa and Steve


Winslow is a very gentle and submissive dog. He wants nothing better than to please the people he is around. His curious nose and alert ears keep this boy busy when you are out for a walk. He is very good on a leash but when he gets on a sent he likes you may have to let him lead for a while.

Winslow is always ready to meet new people, but, is a bit skittish at first.  Once he is comfortable with you he is happy to just hang  and wait for a little love!

Winslow is using a crate at night to stay safe and secure. We have not left him alone out of the crate for more than an hour or so yet but he has been good when we do. No destruction or accidents.  This is one smart dog though and would do well training just to keep his brain busy if that interests you. He loves his long walks in the subdivision and the woods. So, if you want to spend quality time with a sweet dog this is a good fit for you!

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only