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Tuck has been adopted!

Sponsored by Hannah, who recently had a birthday party and asked her guests to bring donations for Save Me. Happy Birthday Hannah!!



Welcome to Canada Tuck!

This sweet little dude as arrived from a shelter in Kentucky where he was well taken care of and properly vetted. Tuck has spark in his heart and the confidence he will find a forever home here.

Tuck is living with another male beagle in his foster home that’s the same age and energy level. Tuck likes to play tug of war, fetch and horsing around with his fur bud. Just like boys like to do.

Oh what a looker! Melt your heart chocolate eyes. A soft coat of white and ginger markings, and the cutest floppy ears.

Tuck would be a special addition to a family with another dog. He will be equally special being the only one, but would prefer a neighbourhood with other dogs to socialize with, and play dates to look forward to. Tuck is gentle and easygoing around children. Not sure about cats.

Tuck is not crated in when left alone. He and his fur bud are trusted to behave in a blocked area of the house all to themselves. Still plenty of space to play and snuggle up for a nap.

He’s been very respectful. No excessive barking and no accidents. Tuck possesses all the traits of a beagle. He is affectionate and warm, smart and inquisitive. Oh let’s not forget about that hound dog power sniffer! Once he senses something of any interest, he is determined to do anything in his power to chase it. Beagles are known to be crafty, so a secure fenced in yard is mandatory for Tuck.

Tuck knows his name. He knows how to sit and come when called, (He does it more willingly when treat motivated.) Tuck is a good boy .

Tuck is looking for a life with a family he can spoil rotten with his unconditional love.


Tuck was lovingly fostered by Nicole