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Trixy is available for adoption

Sponsored by Erin, in memory of Aly’s beloved companion, Maxwell


Hello two legged peeps!

Click here to watch me play ball with my human foster sister!

My name is Trixy, it’s awesome to meet you all!

I’m sure you want to know more about me!
Well I’m an excitable, fun and loving Lab X.  They say I’m between 1.5 – 2.5 years old. I’m about 45pds but need to gain a bit more weight and my foster family is working on that.  I have lots of energy and love to run and play with my Kong.  If you through my Kong I’ll bring it back so we can do it all over again. My foster family is working on my training.  I can Sit (verbal/hand signal), Wait (verbal/hand signal), Hug (when asked and is gentle about it) Break (release word), Closer (to bring the Kong to your feet) and my recall is doing really well (but sometime things are just a little too high reward so it still needs some work). I like to be with my people even if you’re just lounging around outside.  I do get a little side tracked with birds, cats, bikes, horses  any small animals. I am crate trained and need to be watched when out.
Right now I live on a farm with a couple of kids, a Bouvier, an outdoor farm dog, some smaller children and Cow’s, which I am totally intrigued with!

A bit about my past!  I lived outside for the beginning part of my life, on a reserve in Northen Ontario.  I came into care pregnant and gave birth to 8 beautiful and healthy puppies. They have all found their forever homes, and now it’s my turn.

In my past, I’ve hunted for my food and continue to think that birds and chipmunks are fun and tasty.  They tried to put me on a more traditional diet of Kibble but it really didn’t work for me.  I’m now back on raw and doing great.  My fur is growing back and I’m gaining some much needed weight. I’m also not ‘counter surfing as much as I used to although be forewarned I am prey and food driven.  I don’t really play with other dogs but I do enjoy the company of them.  Because we didn’t really play where I came from I’m happiest when I have jobs to do.

My perfect home could be with a single person or a family.  I don’t do well with smaller children as I tend to jump up without thinking, run through them and use my paws.  Sometimes I can become mouthy when excited with playing. My foster family is working on this with me and I’m coming along. Someone who is home quite a bit so I don’t have to be crated for long periods of time.  I’d be happy with someone who would continue with my training.  The sky is the limit!  I would do great at Flyball, Agility, Dock Diving, Therapy work, Freestyle, Scent work etc… I’m not really the kind of dog that would enjoy going to a dog park but would love to live on a farm or bush area.

I’m getting spayed soon and will be ready for adoption!

If you think you might want to add me into your life please let us know.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact my foster mom at


This is a photo of me with my litter of pups…