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Theo is adopted!

Theo / Male / Rat Terrier / 10 year old / 17 pounds

Theo’s pull was sponsored by @Redemption Dogs

I love to walk, cuddle and go for car rides. I have lots of energy outside and can walk for a long time, I am nice to all the people and dog friends I meet. My favorite thing to do on my walks is chase some of the birds and bunny rabbits I see, that is so much fun. I would really like a home with another dog friend to be my buddy, I had a foster sister who I loved a lot but she had an adoption this week. There is a cat in my foster home who I am very nice to, she said she did not want to be my friend though, so I leave her alone. I am making sure that foster mom gets lots of love and cuddles.

Foster mom says that I might be a good dog for an apartment or condo because I do not hear very well and hardly ever bark, plus that means I would get lots of nice walks. I am even quiet when foster mom needs to go to her work and leave me for a long time. Foster mom puts me in a crate when she goes to work because sometimes if I am alone too long I have accidents in the house. When foster mom is home and can let me out I never have an accident though. My perfect family would be with someone that is home a lot during the day or can take me to work. I would be the perfect dog to take to work because I am friendly, calm and quiet and would just like to sleep at your feet all day. If you work that would be ok too, as long as I can get an outside break at lunch.

I had a really fun day yesterday and went to a big event in the city. It was so much fun!!!! I walked around and met lots of new friends. Foster mom said that maybe one day I could live in the city, because I really was not scared or overwhelmed by it and enjoyed walking around. It was a long day and at the end I got tired and just wanted to cuddle in foster moms lap.
When I first arrived, I was a little bit scared and unsure but I think I am ready to meet you now! Let foster mom know if you have any questions about me and we will make sure to answer them.