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Tessa is in rehab – Not accepting applications at this time

Sponsored by Elaine A.


Tessa is a true bundle of joy.  When her tail isn’t going around like a windmill, her tongue is out like nobody is looking! Amongst the things that make her happiest are:

* car rides (she loves riding shotgun on the passenger’s lap!)
* spending time with her humans (she will welcome you at the door and fall asleep on the couch with you as your watching your favourite tv show – we hope you are okay with that!)
* food (she is currently on a raw diet kindly sponsor by Iron Will Raw and she always licks her bowl clean)
* walks (you only have to show her the leash and she gets really excited. She will need someone to show her good manners as she tends to pull and bark at by passers)

At home, Tessa is quiet when left alone and fully house-trained. She gets along with other dogs and would enjoy a canine pal to play with.

Tessa will remain in rehab until our fantastic team of veterinarians decides how to best treat an old injury to her front paw.

For more information about this sweet gal, please contact her foster parents Marilyne & Jason Ellis at