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Tess has been adopted!

Sponsored by Bob and Debby, in memory of their dear beagle Lucy


Tess is a sweet little pup who has such a great zest for life. She loves to cuddle up on her foster mom’s lap for naps, LOVES to play with the grandchildren when they visit, and also enjoys the company of her foster home cat. There’s really isn’t anything that Tess doesn’t like!

Tess had a great appetite, enjoys walks and is good on a leash. Her house training wasn’t the best upon arrival, but she now has that all figured out.

She is still a puppy, so she should be crated when left alone. This will keep your shoes safe! She was rescued from a hoarding situation, so her training is minimal. She should be given all the patience one would give a puppy learning for the first time.

Tess would be great for a family that has the time spend with her.

Tess was lovingly fostered by Rose