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Sookie has been adopted!

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Lucky 13
Hi, this is Sookie’s foster-mom. Sookie is my 13th foster dog and is now my 3rd fur baby. They call it a foster-fail but I feel blessed that this little girl came into my life and I just cannot let her go. She’s everything I want/need in a dog.
Sookie is a 1 year old, 14 pound, Chihuahua/Pug/Dachshund mix. She has a soft and beautiful tri-coloured coat as well as an adorable underbite (Oh, I’m a sucker for underbites!).
Sookie came from a hoarding situation along with some of her fur family who are also being rescued through Save Me. Despite her beginnings she is remarkable…in my opinion.
Aside from her adorable face she is an all-around great dog. She is sweet and loves to snuggle. This is something my other two dogs don’t do (for more than 5 minutes) and it’s something that I love. She is playful and makes me smile every time I see her bouncy, silly run.
Sookie lets me do anything to her from clipping toe nails (no complaints at all!), to checking her ears and teeth. She lets me take her favourite things away from her including treats and toys. I had to give her some Benedryl after she was stung by several bees and she gobbled it down without any treats. Amazing!
It doesn’t seem Sookie much training in her previous life but she is picking things up incredibly quickly. Although her stay and recall training aren’t very good – this is because she sticks to me like glue! I imagine she didn’t get much one-on-one attention with a human in the past. I’m ok with this as I like this kind of Velcro dog. This also means her healing is spot on as she won’t leave my side on walks LOL. She is house trained but sometimes forgets to go potty while we’re outside because she is insecure about leaving my side – I need to remember to walk out into the grass and stand there, encouraging her to go pee-pee (this is improving with every day that she’s here). She craves attention and I am helping her understand that I also want to love on my other dogs and she needs to patiently wait.
Speaking of my other dogs, she gets along well with them and with her fur cousins. I hope Sookie can teach my Annie how to play – so far they are playfully interacting quite well. My other dog Ozzy, aka Mr. Grumpy-Pants, tolerates Sookie just as he tolerates any other dog – no surprise there.
When I first met Sookie it was at the transport pick-up where the rescue dogs are either being met by their foster family, or transferred to yet another vehicle to be taken to their foster home. I brought both of my dogs so that I could have them all meet on neutral territory before getting them all in my car to drive home. I stood, with Annie and Ozzy, off to the side while other rescue dogs were transferred from one car to another. As I stood there I could hear a dog barking CONSTANTLY from the back of one of the vehicles. I hoped it wasn’t my foster dog. It was. Oh geez. Luckily she quieted down and hasn’t exhibited that behaviour again – she just didn’t like being trapped in the crate in the back of the vehicle. Whew!
I could go on and on about this girl and I look forward to watching her confidence grow and the relationship with my two dogs progress. Thank you to Save Me Dog Rescue for all that you do and for bringing this bundle of happiness and joy into my life.