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Scooby has been adopted!

Sponsored with love by Linda and her fur babies, Keanu and Odin.


Special Notes:
Scooby is now back from surgery and doing fantastic!! Scooby did have an ampuatation of his back leg but you would never know it. Scooby has been resting and and all his stitches are out.  He had a spa day today with a nice bath and wagged his til the enire time. Scooby is still needing to gain some weight but presently is up 4lbs!!  Scooby now weighs 11 pounds and continues to enjoy his meals and snacks. If you are interested in adopting Scooby please conact foster mom Nicole!!


Mr Scooby is in town!! Scooby has arrived in Canada from Kentucky. This little heart throb is absolutely full of love and always taking in all the attention he can get!! He is a tiny little boy who likely has not always had access to food and therefore his foster mom is working to increase his weight. Scooby tends to gobble up his food and can be food protective at times. Scooby is so fully of energy and greets people, dogs, and children with a wagging tail all the time. Scooby does have a voice but only to let people know he is present and then quickly settles. Scooby has not had one accident in his foster home!! He is fully house trained and crate trained but also does well on his own when his foster family is home. He is wonderful with his two shih Tzu foster siblings and often is found sleeping with them in their beds. Scooby LOVES to play with toys and runs all over the house with them finally hiding them all in his crate. Scooby is scared and anxious when left alone and will howl in his crate so an apartment or condo would not be ideal . Scooby is walking very well on a harness and leash and does not tend to pull at all taking in all the smells and scenery!
Scooby came into the shelter with an injured back leg that he does not use but let me tell you this does not stop him from walking, running and enjoying life. It appears that Scooby has had previous surgery on this leg but will now need further surgery to ensure he is comfortable and has the best quality of life!! Scooby will remain in rehab until he is all healed up after his surgery and I will be sure to update.
Welcome Scooby

Scooby was lovingly fostered by Nicole F