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Saucy is available for adoption

Saucy’s pull fee was sponsored by Kristi B


UPDATE ** Saucy has had a wellness check with our wonderful friends at Kingsdale Animal Hospital to see if there are any underlying conditions contributing to Saucy’s weight. It does appear that our sweet “Awesome Sauce” has hypothyroidism. She has been started on medication that she takes twice daily without batting a cute little eyelash.

Saucy is wondering where her forever family is, though she’s certain they’re worth the wait… she is hoping to be settled in with them soon, so that she can enjoy her first Christmas morning with them.


Dear Future Family,

While I’m patiently waiting for you to find me, I’m happy and safe with my foster family.

They’re taking very good care of me, even though I keep hearing the word DIET. Apparently I’m a little “fluffier” then I should be, so I’m learning to eat a little less and take more walks. Foster mom says I’m doing great and I am already down 5.5 lbs since I arrived! (I am also avoiding chicken and duck as they were causing me some allergy issues.) I grumbled at first about this whole “lose weight” idea, but I’m hoping you will continue to help me lose weight by managing my portions and walking me lots and lots.

I’m currently living with 2 cats and 2 other dogs. They’re ok. I keep to myself most of the time and I’ve made it known that I don’t like them near my dish while I’m eating. (Hey, I am on limited portions, I can’t afford to lose any of it!) I would be ok with having a fur brother or sister, but would enjoy them better if they were laid back and not so “let’s be besties!”.  As far as kids, I prefer them a little older and dog savvy, I just don’t like other dogs and kids all up in my face.

My perfect home has a backyard for me to wander and explore, a little bed just for me, and loving people with big warm arms to snuggle me tight. I don’t ask for a lot, I’m a simple kind of girl. I’m adorable and sweet and you’re going to love me!!

Loyally and faithfully yours,


For more information on Saucy, please contact his foster mom Dione at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!


(This is why they call me Saucy!)


(Nap time!!)