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Sandy has been adopted!

Sandy has been sponsored by the Brodskys in honour of dear family and friends for the Holidays



Sandy has recently arrived from Ohio with her tail wagging. This  little girl has so much love to give everyone. Sandy is excellent with children and all dogs she has met. She is gentle with treats and sits when asked. Sandy is housebroken and asks to go outside once she is familiar in her environment.  She is not interested in toys but does love to run and go for walks. Sandy will need some extra training on the leash as she does tend to pull. Sandy has not displayed any resource guarding even drinks water out of the water dish alongside of the dogs in her foster home!  Sandy loves attention and can be scared easy if there is loud noises but resettles with reassurance.  Sandy would do well in a home with or without another dog, but preferably a small dog. She is an absolute gem and would have so much love to give to her forever home.

Sandy was lovingly fostered by Nicole