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Rudy is in rehab

Sponsored by Ilona and Alex in honour of their grandparents 45th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Susan and Martin!


Rudy is a gentle girl with a soft temperament and gentle spirit. She loves to cuddle, and spends a lot of her time curled up with her humans.

Rudy is great on walks, she stays close to your side but loves to explore and does pull sometimes. She loves to be outside and loves to play.

She was well-loved and cared for by her previous owner and knows some pretty basic commands. She does try to counter surf, though, but her foster parents are working on it.

She is okay when left alone, and does not need to be crated. Rudy does not try to escape the yard but does pace near the back fence. There is a gate up by the front door to keep her from trying to bolt out the front. She paces in the car and whines on long rides.

When Rudy was first introduced to the cat she ran away, however as she has gotten more comfortable she has taken quite an interest in the cat. Rudy is comfortable around other dogs. As a cattle dog, Rudy’s nature is to herd. When young kids run her first instinct is to herd them. Rudy will thrive in a home with dog-savvy kids and no cats. A home where she is the only dog or one other dog would be best.

Stay tuned for more as her foster parents get to know her a little better!

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only