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Romeo has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jodi K. in honour of her birthday. Happy Birthday Jodi!!



Romeo is very respectful in our home. He is the definition of cute and cuddly with a perfect balance of playfulness and calm.

He is crate & house trained, he is learning to walk well on a leash and is a good little passenger in the car. He sleeps beautifully through the night in his crate but would love to share a bed.

Romeo is very social and friendly with our teenagers, dogs and cats. He is also the perfect little couch companion. He is quiet for the most part but does voice his concerns when left alone, so he would do best in a home with someone home for part of the day, and a yard. He would love a friendly furry playmate.

Romeo is the happy-go-lucky free spirit, fairly independent within the home. He is a submissive dog.