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Rocky has been adopted!

Sponsored by Bob and Ruth T. In memory of Kenneth N R., they are sponsoring in lieu of flowers for the funeral. 



Rocky is a wonderfully smart young guy who will capture your heart. He’s a busy boy and he’s the perfect age to start bonding with his forever family .

Rocky is a HIGH energy puppy. He loves to run and jump into your arms, play soccer, wrestle and sit on your lap for belly scratches. The thing is that Rocky is already 70lbs at 7mths of age. He is too big to be jumping into your arms and trying to sit on your lap. So, although Rocky is a super dog, he is going to require a home that can handle his energy and has the love and time to teach him proper ways to play with humans and burn off some of that puppy energy.  He will need a family that likes to be outside and active, taking him for walks and playing in the backyard. He is not great on a leash yet, He pulls quite a bit but we are using a harness and a gentle leader which is making a big difference. He is awesome in the car and loves to go for rides whenever we can take him.  He also enjoys playing fetch and chewing his favourite Nylabone.

He is learning how to properly greet new people, without jumping and mouthing. He does not bark when people come to the door. He has started barking when I ring the doorbell now.  His house training is going really great. He has no accidents when we leave him in the house for four or five hours now.  Rocky knows some basic commands such as sit, down, off and come. He is a very smart dog and is so proud of himself when he is able to please us by learning and following commands. He would love a home where they continued to teach him new things to kept his mind busy with tricks.

Rocky is already too large for an apartment or small home. He requires room to move around as he is learning to navigate is ever growing body. We are also looking for a home with a large enough yard to let him run and play. The yard must be securely fenced.

Rocky would be perfect for an active family. He loves people and being very social. He wants to be your walking/running/hiking partner. He loves kids as well but due to his size and energy level, he does not do well with small children around. He is only a baby himself and can’t control all the love he has to give.

Rocky is an amazing dog. I am so proud of all that he has learned in his short life. He has the base to be an amazing family pet. He is loyal and loving and fun. He requires an owner that will help him release some of his energy as well as take him to obedience school so he can keep learning more commands. You can see the smile on his face when he pleases you. He deserves a home where they will be as dedicated to him as he will be to them.


Rocky was lovingly fostered by Angie