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Peggy is in rehab – not accepting applications

Sponsored in honour of Grace Brodsky’s birthday with love from Jonathan and Sarah


Peggy is a very shy and submissive young girl who has led a pretty sheltered life prior to coming into rescue. Peggy and four of her litter mates, her mom and dad, and another new litter of siblings, all lived in a hoarding home that the owners left almost a year ago. Thankfully the owner did go and feed them regularly, but that was all they did for them.

Having never been outside of her home, she has never met people or been outside, Peggy is basically feral. All of the dogs were taken into custody and as you can well imagine this was pretty traumatic for the dogs. Peggy and her siblings are very shutdown and very afraid of all the new changes in their lives.

Peggy is learning to accept the outdoors. During her first week in care, the backyard was overwhelming for her, but she is slowly adjusting. She does her business outside, but it is not her idea of a relaxing place to spend time.

She will lay with her foster parents on the couch, but it takes her a bit to relax and settle in. This is improving and she is learning to enjoy human interaction. She will not openly approach her foster family, so it’s taking a lot of soft words and encouragement. Due to her submissive nature, her foster family is able to move her around and leash her.

She will remain in rehab as we work endlessly with her to overcome her fears and teach her what is expected of her within the home. We continue to encourage her to be brave as we guide her in the right direction.

At this time, her ideal home will be a quiet one. While we believe she would be very gentle with children, at this point we know their movements would be very frightening to her. Her perfect home would be one with experience in dealing with shut down dogs, to understand her limits and encourage her forward.

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