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Mickey has been adopted!

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Meet Mickey, a border collie mix.

He is the softest, sweetest, cuddliest guy around. His tail never stops wagging and just wants to be with you and please you all the time.

Over the past couple of weeks, Mickey has really blossomed. He has proven that the behaviour when he first arrived was purely fear/stress. He has realized that he is safe now and with friendly humans at a comfy home. He has realized the small humans that live at the foster home are not dangerous and just another opportunity for snuggles. When he first arrived at the foster home he was terrified of the kids and their quick movements, now he will go up to them and give them kisses and nudge their hand for a head scratch. He has become quite the snuggle bug and just wants to curl up where you are.

At the age of 2 he still has a lot of ‘puppy manners’, but has quickly and eagerly learned all kinds of things. He will sit and wait for his food, he is still working on taking treats nicely and not snapping them out of the hand quickly. Walking nicely on a leash is still a work in progress. He wants to be as close as possible for snuggles, so he does like to jump up for hugs. But overall he has calmed down and become a great member of the home.

Occasionally he will just quietly disappear in the house, only to be found curled up on a bed napping. We feel that he sometimes gets overwhelmed with all the noise and activity in the house, so he will just go find a spot where he can get in some undisturbed napping.

He is house trained for the most part, he had the typical first day accidents when he arrived. But he has been marking area’s of the house in competition with the other resident male dog in the foster house. He does a lot of marking outside in the yard as well.

He is a mildly active dog, he loves to play and to run around the yard or go for a nice walk, but then is super happy to just curl up beside you and nap the afternoon away. He isn’t crated at his foster home and hasn’t been a problem at all. There is a crate available at all times, and we have spotted him in there a couple of times just laying down, but he seems to prefer the couch to nap. He is a shadow of his foster mom, always wanting to be close and always curious about what is going on. He does try to cuddle up with mom at night on her big comfy bed, but the foster family is trying to get him in the habit of sleeping on the big comfy pillow beside the bed.

He has become instant best friends with the resident Husky, and they spend hours outside everyday wrestling and chasing each other. It would be great for Mickey to have a companion that could be his playmate in his new home. He does have a good balance of energy for a border collie, he loves to run around and play, but then when it’s time to come in the house he’s ready to snooze the afternoon away.

Mickey’s perfect family will be one that can give him lots and lots and lots of cuddles and reassurance as he learns all the new things in his new life. He really does try to do the right thing and is quick to learn when shown how to behave. Mickey is as sweet as anything and deserves a family that can truly give him the kind of forever home he deserves. If you have another dog, he would be a great companion for them just as much as they would be for him.

He’s turning into a great family dog, a loyal companion and all around lovely guy!


Mickey was lovingly fostered by Renee