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Maxine has been adopted!

Sponsored by Shari & Jay, with much love and in celebration of Roz’s birthday


This is Maxine, or M for short. She only got here a short while ago but she’s already showing off her absolutely adorable personality. She doesn’t bark very much, although on a morning adventure in the yard something caught her interest and she definitely wasn’t afraid to speak up about it. Other than that, she’ very quiet but very curious. She follows her foster mom around the house and is kind of like a shadow.

Her foster mom keeps calling her a little gremlin because she sounds like one when she’s playing with her foster sister. Speaking of which, she was very comfortable with her shepherd (about 80lbs) foster sister when they first met. She understood appropriate play and wrestling and they were playing well within no time. At first she didn’t take much interest in toys but that quickly changed as soon as her foster sister brought some over to her to play with. After she figured out what to do with the toys she jumped in with all 4 paws and hasn’t stopped since.

On walks, she’s pretty curious about what’s going on in the world. She doesn’t pull very much as long as she has a harness on. We have only gone on a couple short walks around the neighbourhood to see how it goes but so far she’s been great – as long as it’s light outside because she’s a little afraid of the dark. She is also quick to follow the direction of the other dog in the house – when her foster sister has to go outside, she does too and then she remembers what to do out there. She also picked up the sit command very quickly and will sit for treats. She sometimes is a little too “grabby” with a treat so that’s something to work on.

She eats well and doesn’t gobble up food too quickly. She’s good with sharing as long as she isn’t surprised by it – her and her foster sister can drink and eat out of the same bowl and she will play with the same toy; chasing her foster sister around and trying to get the toy back. She has shown tendencies to be “mouthy” when playing and does the same with her foster sister and humans so this would be an opportunity for training. She doesn’t bite or nip, just a little mouthy when playing and she easily corrects when you say no. She is eager to please so she understands no and is sensitive to your tone of voice.

She’s very much still a puppy! She kind of forgets she will need to go outside, but easily follows direction so we’re working on her “signals” that she needs to go. She had one accident in the house when she first got here but other than that she’s gone outside as long as she is outside. She still “bounces” when she walks just like puppies do and I’m not really sure if she will ever grow into her ears but they’re pretty darn cute! She knows her name and responds to it. She is incredibly affectionate – spent her first night curled up in foster momma’s bed and didn’t move all night.

She has been crated for when foster mom had to go out for a bit and she went into the crate with some coaxing with treats. She was alone for about 30 minutes at first to test it out. She didn’t bark when I was leaving the home, but she did bark when she could hear my key in the door. She will go in her crate without issue but some more positive association with the crate would be encouraged if it was going to be used for longer periods of time. She kept her crate clean but did make obvious attempts to burrow in the blankets in there. She loves to be around people – on the couch, while you’re reading, while you’re sleeping . . . she will even wait outside the bathroom while you’re showering.

Maxine is adorable and really loves people. Previously she lived with cats, so we believe she would be ok with cats in the home. She has done well with dogs larger than her and understands appropriate play. She would do very well in a home with a canine sibling or with a family who has a lot of love and attention for her. She will benefit from some obedience training to help her become the perfect family member!

Maxine was lovingly fostered by Amanda