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Say hi to Max, sweet Max! Max is a cuddler who loves his humans, loves to be with his humans, loves to go for walks and car rides with his humans, What Max does NOT love, is sharing his humans with other dogs. Because of this, Max would do best in a home with no other dogs. Although he does currently live with other dogs at his foster home, life would be much easier and less stressful for his adoptive parents and Max if he was the only “four legged child”. Max will growl at other dogs when they get too close to him or his people.

Max is a love bug who likes nothing better than to hang out with his people. He is a good eater, sleeper and loves to be outside. Max is left alone, unconfined while his humans go to work. He is not a destructive dog, but boy is he happy when you come home!

Do you think you could be Max’s second chance to be happy and give him a comfy bed to rest those crazy ears?

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only