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Matilda has been adopted!

Sponsored by Dale in recognition of all the wonderful work Save Me Rescue does and especially the loving foster families who offer kindness and love to these forgotten fur babies!!


Meet Matilda the social butterfly that loves every adult, child, dog and cat she meets. She stands on her back legs to try to greet anyone that will stop long enough out on walks. At 6.6 lbs she barely reaches your knees. She is very gentle in her greeting, often wanting to give kisses. Mattie wants to participate when she’s pet by using her mouth but she’s very gentle and stops immediately when told.

Matilda appears to be house trained since she hasn’t had any indoor accidents; she has yet to tell us she needs to go out but our routine outings provide enough opportunities to do her business (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bed). She is hesitant to step outside in the cold but will quickly be running around excited by the snow. Mattie wears a cozy coat and walks well on leash with a harness.

Matilda loves other dogs her size. She gives and receives signals well with other dogs. She’s a little timid with dogs that are in her business but is patient and non reactive. Mattie whines when large dogs are in sight, but she manages well with large dogs that are not too interested in her. Mattie tries to play with our grumpy old cat but she doesn’t get much response so they just cuddle up together on the couch.

Mattie has a great energy level; she’s ready for a walk around the block at any time, loves to play with toys and will often play on her own. Mattie loves to be picked up and carried and especially loves to cuddle up on the couch for a snuggly afternoon. She’s follows her foster Mom around the house but is comfortable when she’s out of sight.

Matilda is crate comfortable and will quietly stay in the crate when needed. She sleeps in the xpen at night and when we leave the house. She happy to lay on the back of the couch and watch the squirrels outside.

Mattie’s new family will need to provide her with training of basic commands. She is eager to learn and food motivated. Matilda is tuned into tone of voice and is very responsive to direction. She’ll be a sweet addition to any loving family.


Matilda was lovingly fostered by Lisa