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Luke has been adopted!

Sponsored by Marcy in honour of Roz Brodsky’s birthday. Thank you for teaching me so much about the dogs we adore. Happy birthday my friend!



Luke is just about the perfect dog! He’s ready to do whatever his people are doing, whether it’s a long hike, a nap, a ride in the car or cuddles on the couch. He knows basic commands like sit, stay, lie down and can even shake a paw. He’s a fast walker when he’s out about town and interested in everyone he meets. He likes to chew things but knows the difference between pillows and his toys. He’s such a smart guy!
His vision isn’t perfect so he’s timid when the floor colour or texture changes and he needs his person to go first. Outside, this doesn’t  seem to affect him though. His hearing is great and he’s quite agile. He’d be a great companion for a single, couple or family. Luke is in great shape and still has lots of adventure left in his life!

Luke was lovingly fostered by Lesley