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Lily is available for adoption

Sponsored by Susan M, in celebration of the happy dogs in my life; Lennon, Ellie, Luna, Mika and Millie.




Meet Lily! Her prior life was that of a breeding dog, so she is limited in her life experience. She is however truly fond of people, cuddles and belly rubs! She is affectionate, curious and learns very quickly.

Lily has made incredible progress in a very short time as she was unfamiliar with living in a home; how doors work, that windows were solid and coffee tables were not for standing on. She is well mannered, knows which toys are hers to toss and play with and is happy to relax on her blanket on the floor or on the couch. Given Lily is a smart girl she loves to play games and figure out puzzles. She’ll work to figure out how the kibble gets out of a paper tube while chasing it around and turning it upside down until all the treats are out. She’s a happy, playful little sweetheart.

Lily is house trained when there is a consistent routine of breaks. She hasn’t yet figured out how to tell humans it’s time to go out, but she does give off signals to pick up as you get to know her.

Lily loves a walk and is doing very well on a leash with a front clip harness. She loves to sniff and watch the sights and sounds outdoors. She is curious yet cautious when meeting new people on walks. Passersby with the patience to wait for her are rewarded with little kisses and sniffs. Lily is typically quiet but can get excited when another dog shows interest and comes too close. We typically just keep her moving and stay at a distance that will allow Lily to be calm. When returning from a walk she knows to wait for her feet to be wiped since she’ll be rewarded with a treat. Although her foster family are exposing Lily to new places, people and sounds she can startle and shy away from loud noises and fast-moving objects, this can sometimes be challenging on a walk and will require some patience to help move her along. Her new family will need to continue to help Lily understand how the world works and become more confident.

Lily can be a little pushy and demanding with her humans. She is learning very quickly which behaviours result in the desired outcome. You can see her thinking when she barks for food and it doesn’t result in food, she then steps back, sits and waits because it gets better results. Lily will need a home that can offer structure and understand how providing clear direction and expectations will helps her feel calm.

Lily is crate comfortable. She tends to be mischievous in the house when alone if she is not crated. She will however quietly wait in the crate while her people are out of the house. Lily will need consistency and structure when it comes to crate use as she very quickly will figure out if her humans are softies and will work up a lot of barking if she thinks they will visit/feed/play at night.

Lily’s ideal home will be pet free and child free with patient, dog savvy human(s). She will need structure, clear expectations and a family that is willing to take it slow and continue her training. Although Lily would enjoy a fully fenced yard to run around in, she could manage with daily walks and play time.

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** Adoptions in the province of Ontario only