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Lily is available for adoption

Sponsored by Susan M, in celebration of the happy dogs in my life; Lennon, Ellie, Luna, Mika and Millie.




I am Lily’s new foster mom as her first one has a big adventure to go on before she was adopted. Lucky lady!

Lily has been in our home for a few weeks now and boy what a great dog-onality! Lily loves to play with my 8 year old son. they play tug and “belly rub” all the time. Lily is learning to be more sociable on her walks as I allow her to meet more dogs. I can tell she is itching to make new friends she just needs a bit of help with her social skills. Liliy is still not a big fan of loud noises, or my broom when I sweep but we are working on it.

I would love to see Lily in a low traffic neighborhood for walks but its not a deal breaker. I would say she still needs that home where she can be the one and only pet. Lily has done well with my son but I would say any children in the home should be old enough to understand how to respect Lily’s boundaries. Lily will need patience and understanding as she continues to grow into a member of the family as I am sure she did not feel valued prior to coming to Save Me Dog Rescue.

If you have the room in your heart and home for this little girl I would love to see your application and we can discuss this great little girl in more detail. Thank you for considering Lily!

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** Adoptions in the province of Ontario only