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Liam has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ben in honour of all the Dog Dads



Meet Liam a 2 year old Shih Tzu Poodle mix who has arrived from Kentucky! Liam is a very handsome boy with a very gentle and kind personality. He loves his humans but also meets strangers and neighbourhood dogs with a wagging tail. He is fully housetrained and has had no accidents in the short time he has been with his foster family. Liam lives treats and is sooooo gentle and he loves playing with squeaky toys. He enjoys his walks and walks quite well on a leash.

Liam will be groomed and will even be more handsome as his fur is quite matted from his past life! Liam is adjusting with his foster human children and Shih Tzu foster brother very well. Liam was left for 4 hours not crated and was perfect!




Liam was lovingly fostered by Nicole.