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Lady has been adopted!

Sponsored by Chewbacca and Elvira, and their mom Heather


LADY is a lovely, shy and quiet older girl. At the age of 9, you can see her wisdom in soaking up snuggles from any human she passes. She gets along well with her very large foster brother (a 90 lb chocolate labrador) and is very respectful of the cats. Although she has been in our home for only a few days she has let the cats greet her on their terms, never chasing them. She walks fairly well on a leash, but not for long distances (this may improve with some weight loss, or it could be her chill attitude).

She is in a small 2 bedroom apartment in her foster home and is doing well with the small space….her ideal home would just let her snuggle with you all day long. She is a big couch potato when you are watching tv and loves to sit beside her foster mom while she crochets or leans against foster dad for snuggles.

So far she is very quiet in the home and outside. She may bark in her crate when she needs to potty in the morning, if she wakes up before you. We are still getting to know Lady and will update her profile once we learn more about her.


Lady was lovingly fostered by Jennifer