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Kelsey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet A. and her Save Me dog Kelly


Kelsey is a pretty yorkie girl who has spent the first part of her life inside a puppy mill. She is one of several dogs we have taken into our care, that were part of a mill raid in Ohio.

As with her other mill mates, Kelsey is a shy and fearful girl. Everything is new to her and her progress is slow but steady. She will require a quiet home with adopters that will understand her nervousness and who will celebrate each baby-step she takes to becoming a family pet. A home with another dog in it, will help her to understand by example, how to interact with her people.

Kelsey’s foster family are working on house training, physical touch and building up her confidence. At this time, she is shy, shut down and nervous. Time, patience and TLC is the key to helping her to succeed. She will be in rehab as we work to get her used to human contact. For now, we are working on the basics with her and allowing her to slowly come out of her shell.

Kelsey was lovingly fostered by Uyen