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Jamie is in rehab

Jamie has been sponsored by the Boyd family


Jamie is a puppy mill survivor.  As such, Jamie is in the process of being house trained, and will need to continue to be trained in his new home.  Also because of Jamie’s limited life experience, he is very fearful of men and loud noises.  He seems to be better with women, though still nervous, and is very affectionate when he learns to trust.
Jamie is still nervous about going outside and is considered a flight risk in new spaces. He is kept in a pen when left alone at home.
He gets along well with other dogs his own size and would probably do best in a home with another dog to continue to learn how to be a dog.  He is a little unsure of children as he has not been around them a lot, but with time and patience he would do well.
It was discovered during Jamie’s vetting that he heartworm positive, he has now completed treatment and is ready to find his new home.  Currently he can enjoy moderate walks and playtime but should avoid doing anything extremely strenuous until his  recheck in 6 months time
Do you think you could give Jamie the love, patience and attention he needs for his second chance at a happy life ?
Jamie remains in rehab as we work on his confidence and his fearfulness. We welcome all inquires, but we will ask that applicants have mill or feral dog experience at this time.
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