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Izzy is available for adoption
Sponsored by Susan, in celebration of Sherri and Jamie’s lucky 13’th anniversary


Izzy is a sweet senior girl who would love nothing more to be the apple of someone’s eye!

She is eager to meet people of all ages, loves to get up close and personal to know all about you. Also very curious and checks out her environment closely. Izzy is friendly with all ages (children too!), affectionate and cuddly, loves to play/go on walks. Izzy is house trained, loves to play with small toys she can carry, likes to meet new people.

Izzy would love nothing more than to spend her days chasing squirrels, so this is something to keep in mind while walking her. You have to remind her that chasing wildlife is not encouraged. She could benefit from someone who has done leash training before to help correct her pulling. She does bark at other dogs, of all sizes, while on walks.

Overall Izzy is quiet in the house, and LOVES to follow you around as you tend to things. Her favourite part of the day is when you’re seated, so that she can make use of your lap. She takes great delight in her duties as backyard squirrel monitor, as she keeps watch from a window. She will alert you to passing strangers as well.

Her ideal home would be a relaxed & calm with a family that will do some leash work with her. They would have a yard for her to run in, but safely enclosed. She would do best with kids that are old enough to appreciate her age and that she doesn’t like to be startled. She would prefer to be an only pet.

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