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Izzie is in rehab

Sponsored by Selma P., in loving memory of Samson



Izzie is the sweetest girl ever and her tail never stops wagging. She lives with other dogs a little smaller than she is and she does well.  Izzie loves lots of hugs and attention.  Izzie sleeps in her bed beside her humans bed.  Izzie is not gated or contained when her humans are not home, she is not destructive at all.

Izzie is a very low maintenance dog.  Her foster parents have not seen her around small children or cats.
She does well with kids 10 yrs and older.  When you come home from work or from being away for a couple hours, she greets you at the door, tail wagging.  Izzie’s favourite activity is definitely belly rubs!!

Izzie would need to be brushed and groomed on a regular basis.

Izzie is in rehab while we have some lumps checked out by our veterinarians.

Do you think your home would be a fit for Izzie??

For more information on Izzie, please contact Carey at

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only