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Ivy is in available for adoption

Ivy has been sponsored by the Boyd family


Hi everyone !  I am so excited that my foster mum thinks I am ready for my very own forever home !   I’m not quite as timid as I was and do enjoy being with humans and getting plenty of pats and belly rubs. My favourite spot is to find a ray of sunshine and curl up there for a nap….where ever !  I love being outdoors and my mum has to often remind me that it’s far too hot to stay out there in the sun  for very long !!  I really love to eat and spin in circles while waiting for my dish !   My foster mum says that I really do have to learn some manners though, when it comes to taking treats…I want them all and don’t want to share with the other furries !   I’m just learning about leash walking….I’m still a little afraid and mum says that I am still very much a “flight risk”…whatever that means ?  And this is why I need a securely fenced yard…it doesn’t have to be big…never having had a yard or the freedom to even walk on grass.., I really love that freedom after 10 long years in a cage 24/7., making puppies for the awful pet trade.   I’ m also learning about house training…and getting much better…after all, ..I’ve never had to worry about that before now !
And from her foster mum….
Sweet little Ivy is such a gentle and quiet girl…and she doesn’t ask for much at all. She does love squeaky toys and carries certain ones around.  She loves her soft bed and is  often found asleep in the laundry basket !  Ivy is learning that humans and human hands can be kind to her.and she is starting to realize that it’s OK to be picked up and held in a lap…soon she will relax and totally enjoy it I know.   Ivy will always need to be leashed…and have a collar with ID on it at all times–indoors and out.  Most dogs who have been in a puppy mill will bolt if they get loose and it would be very difficult to get them back.  So this has to be understood by anyone who is considering Ivy.   Ivy had been spayed and has just had a dental cleaning done with some extractions.  So health-wise, she is A1…and now she needs lots of TLC and a relatively quiet home. Ivy is good with other dogs and I don’t think she knows what a cat is…,   Ivy doesn’t know how to play so should not be expected to be a playmate for another dog…she just was never allowed to play.
If you have any questions and / or  have experience with puppy mill dogs, feel free to ask any questions of her foster mum Janet at