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Ivy is in rehab, accepting applications

Ivy has been sponsored by the Boyd family


Ivy is a very sweet  little senior puppy  mill release when the mill was closed down.   She had been producing puppies for
around 10 years for the pet store trade. Ivy will be spayed on July 25…and we will see how she is doing at that time.    Ivy
is quite fearful of human hands ,fast movements and loud noises.  . So a  home with small children  is not a good spot for Ivy.    Ivy loves to chew and shake soft squeaky toys and have fun with them.   She loves being out in the yard and laying in the sun… and since she really is a flight risk, , the safest plan would be a securely fenced yard ( it doesn’t have to be big…) so she can safely enjoy her senior years in the warm sun.  Ivy is very timid but does like people , is still afraid of being picked up and is then not sure what to do.   If you would like to read more about adopting a puppy mill dog, I think that would be a good idea.  There is lots on the rescue sites and I believe it’s important that potential adopters realize what these precious dogs have been put through their entire lives and why they do certain things.
Ivy is coming along with the house training….and she does want to please. She just needs to clearly understand what we want of her.  She follows me around the house and likes to be close, but is still learning that people can be kind to her and not hurt her.   Ivy is a sweet little companion and anyone would be lucky to be chosen as her guardians.
If you have any questions and / or  have experience with puppy mill dogs, feel free to ask any questions of her foster mum Janet at