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Grover has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sandra, in honour of her amazing boy Frodo.


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Grover. This mature boy has come a long way since he first arrived a little over a week ago. Grover loves the simple things in life, he loves to cuddle, he loves to great us at the door, (turning circles in his excited way), he now gives kisses and wants attention from everyone. He is the great protector of his treats, hiding and saving them for later. He does chase our cats…it is a game to Grover but our cats don’t feel the same way. Grover is amazing on a leash, and loves, loves, loves to go on walks. We’ve taken Grover on many hikes in the forest and he listens and responds well when he is permitted to be unleashed. Grover has put on some much needed weight since he arrived but still needs to gain a few pounds. He is house trained (minimal accidents inside) and has the run of the house at all times without incident.

Grover is enjoying this phase of his life, possibly feeling loved for the first time. He is soaking up this love and throwing it right back at us!


Grover was lovingly fostered by Brenda.