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Ginger is in rehab – not accepting applications at this time

Sponsored in Memory of Toby by Danny and Ricki R.


Ginger is a 13 year old chihuahua mix.  She is spayed and her shots are up to date.

Ginger currently lives with 4 other dogs her size, and there are no issues at all.  Ginger is not crated or penned when left alone.

Ginger is a low energy dog, but she did not come to us in the best of health, She has a lump on her back leg amd on her stomach.  Biopsies were done on these two lumps and we are waiting results.  Ginger needs some dental work done, but we want to confirm with that vet that it is the best interest of Ginger.

Ginger is house trained and loves to wander in her foster’s fenced in backyard. Ginger does not like to be held or picked up,,, it seems to be a little painful for her.  Ginger likes to eat and loves her treats! She sleeps through the night at the foot of her fosters bed.  Ginger’s eyes and hearing are not great, but she gets around with no problems,, maybe just with a little limp.

She is a sweet girl who needs a comfortable place to live out her senior years.

Until we determine what her health issues are, she will remain in rehab and we are not accepting applications at this time.  We welcome your questions, and for more information on Ginger, please contact her foster mom, Carey at