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Gill is available for adoption

Sponsored by Jill, Dave, Caidan and Evie, and Tommy too!, who want to help give Gill a fresh start.



Gill is a 3 year old shepherd mix, who came to our rescue from a northern Ontario community. When he first arrived into our care he was very fearful and was unsure of how to walk on leash or how to accept affection from people. We took things very slowly with Gill but he has quickly adjusted to life indoors. He is now fully crate trained and housetrained and is starting to let his quirky personality shine through.

Gills leash skills have improved greatly over the last few weeks however, this is an area where his new home will need to continue to build his confidence. For this reason we are looking for a home with a fully secured back yard, or a home in a quiet rural location.

Gill is amazing with other dogs and his ideal home would be one with another confident dog for him to follow and learn from. It’s been amazing watching Gill come out of his shell and to see his personality emerge. He has discovered a love of squeaky toys and head scratches. He now likes to follow me around the house and gentle push my hand as a request for pets. It’s important that anyone interested in adopting Gill knows that it will take time for him to settle into his future home and for his full personality to emerge. Currently I would consider him medium energy but this may change over the next couple of months as he becomes more comfortable.

Gill is very focused on his people, and this quality will make him a dream to train. We will be looking for a home who is interested in taking him for training. This will benefit both his confidence and the bond he builds with his owner.

Although we are still getting to know Gill as he relaxes into our home, from day one it’s been clear that he is an incredibly sweet, loving and well natured dog. He will need an understanding home, who can go slow and allow him to adjust at his own pace, but in return they will get an incredibly loyal and loving companion.

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