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Eliza is in rehab

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Beautiful Eliza reminds us of a little fox, and just like a fox she is swift and full of tricks!

Eliza came to us from what we can only assume was a place neglect. She is very wary of people and new environments and it has taken her time to feel settled after her long transport from Kentucky. Most days she loves to sleep in a cozy nook and we never hear a peep from her. But don’t let her sweet and calm demeanor fool you. While on vacation at the cottage, Eliza escaped and spent a number of days on a protected island until her foster family could catch her and bring her home. Many local volunteers took part in rescuing Eliza, and she won the hearts of the whole community! They even did a write about her adventures in the newspaper. We had no idea Eliza could swim or run the way we saw while on vacation. She is whip smart and in need of a family willing to give her their time, patience and love to come out of her shell and show her spunky side!

Eliza lost a lot of weight while on the island and her we are working hard to help her gain it back and feel safe again.

Eliza seems to be blind in one eye and leash walking is new to her so she can be quite scared when surrounded by unfamiliar people and places. A home with a fenced in yard where she feels safe would be best. She has shown to do well with children, cats and other calm dogs and despite being a timid girl she enjoys going for drives in the car.

Eliza is currently in rehab pending her vet visit next week. We are accepting applications and she will be available shortly.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only