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Coomba has been adopted!

Coomba has been graciously sponsored by Marie B.


Hello there!

My name is Coomba, but my foster parents sometimes call me ”Kumbaya, my lord!”

I was found as a stray in the province of Quebec and arrived to Ontario in quite a rough shape. However, with care from my vet and lots of love from my foster parents, I feel so much better now!

My foster parents say my best features are most definitely my big eyes and my furry ears. My tiny cropped tail wagging is pretty cute too, if you ask me! I do not mind being left alone while you are at work. I will keep myself very busy doing one of the things I like best: having a nice, long nap! It’s not hard to get good sleep when you cannot hear a thing!

There are three other chihuahuas in my foster home and we all get along just fine. They are all low energy just like me though and this is what I want in my forever home… otherwise when would I be able to nap! I enjoy going for walks outside. I sometimes even run a bit. I am also fully house-trained and will let you know when I gotta go. Not bad for a senior, eh?

I would prefer a home without young children as I need to be handled very gently and can be unpredictable when petted or picked up. My old ribs can be painful at times so I take a small dose of Metacam (anti-inflammatory) every day. I am on a raw diet kindly provided by Iron Will Raw and I absolutely love it. I enjoy being wherever you are. I will sometimes ask to come on the couch and will take advantage of this time to nozzle your hand for extra pets. However, when I will have had enough, I will simply hop off like a little bunny and lay in a bed nearby.

Coomba was lovingly fostered by Marilyne and Jason