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Carter is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Happy Birthday LeeAnn with love from the Brodskys



Meet Carter! Although his life hasn’t always been all roses, it doesn’t stop him from smiling! He has the biggest and best smile that will melt anyone’s heart.

Carter is a very sweet, laid back senior boy who loves his treats and time spent in the yard. Although we are sure he has lots to say about his previous life, he has yet to let his voice be heard since joining his foster family.

Carter seems to enjoy a more leisurely pace. Carter likes cruising from dog bed to dog bed for cat nap all day long and although he is only crated when he his eating his meals, you may find him catching a snooze in his crate (the door is always left open). Carter does get his burst of energy and will get the zoomies a couple times a day. He may be slow to get up and moving but he does love to zoom!

Like many older distinguished gentleman he doesn’t have the best eyesight or hearing. Because of this, he does startle sometimes when you touch him if he is not aware of your presence. It is best to make him aware of your presence as to not startle and avoid any potential nipping behaviours (although he hasn’t demonstrated this in his foster home).

Carter has been enjoying the yard and the freedoms of no leash. He does walk ok on leash but a harness would be best as he does like to pull a bit.

Carter’s ideal home would be one without small children due to his vision and hearing not being what they used to be. A home with minimal stairs would be great for Carter as he does have some looseness in his joints. He has no issue with the few stairs out to the yard in his foster home. Although he is quite an independent soul, he does get along with dogs and cats so a sibling would be nice but it is not required. He will be the happiest boy in a somewhat quiet home where he has a comfy place to rest his head and food (including some tasty treats) in his belly!

Carter is in rehab while he tries to put on a few healthy pounds. Once a good weight is achieved, he will be having dental work done which will include a cleaning and a few extractions.

Carter is truly a wonderful little dog who deserves to spend his retirement years being treated like the prince he is. He instantly became part of the pack at his foster home and we are confident he will make a very adorable addition to his forever family.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only