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Callahan has an application in progress

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Callahan is a very handsome boy that has tons of love to give and energy to burn! Callahan is still very much a puppy and seems to have energy for days but after he is tired out, he turns in to the world’s best cuddler. It is very easy to melt and fall in love with his adorable face!

He hasn’t had much training in his short life but he does know sit and does respond to his name. He is currently working on housetraining and does do his business outside but is learning on how to let his foster family know when he needs to go! He is not crate trained and does like to whine and cry in displeasure when put in a crate. He can be a bit hyper so it will take a bit of time and patience to train him, but we have no doubt he is a quick learner!

Callahan enjoys running and jumping around the backyard and loves a good walk. A fully fenced and secure yard is required for Callahan as he is a very curious puppy. A fenced in yard would also be a great place for someone to play with him (although he hasn’t mastered the game of fetch yet) and let him run freely to burn off that puppy energy. He loves to play! He also loves belly rubs and will not so subtly ask for them constantly!

Callahan is generally quiet in the house; however, he will cry and let out a high pitch bark once and a while when he is upset. He loves to be around his people and therefore is not a big fan of being left alone. Since he does not like to be left alone, a home where someone is home during the day would be best.

Callahan enjoys sleeping in his foster family’s bed at night. As mentioned, he is a great cuddler but will also sleep at the edge of the bed, through the whole night, very peacefully.

Callahan’s ideal family would be one with older children or a family with lots of energy and patience. He craves stimulation and attention! He would do well with another dog but may not be best with a cat or other small animals as he does get very excited around his foster family’s rabbit.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only