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Brandi is in rehab – not accepting applications

Brandi has been sponsored by Sue Z. in loving memory of Buddy, Teddy, Lucy, Ali, Goldie, Ginger, Kryssa; much loved now playing on a big beach in the sky


Brandi appears to be a precious little Parti-poodle.

She so wants to please , but as a breeder release, she is terrified of everything.  She is happy and gets along well with other dogs, as long as they are gentle with her. Her favourite spot to be, is on her foster mom’s lap.

Brandi is a huge flight risk..meaning that she needs to have a secure yard because if she ever got lose, we would not get her back…she is that fearful.  She is slowly learning that she doesn’t have to hide away, and gets a little bit braver each day.

Brandi loves to eat (especially now that she has learned what liver treats are!!) and hopefully she will begin to gain some much needed weight. She doesn’t know what toys are yet. Brandi is happy to hide in a corner, observer life around her and  peacefully nap.

It may take a bit of time before Brandi is ready for adoption, although we would consider someone will mill dog experience. We feel she will be best with another balanced dog and a securely fenced yard. She would likely do ok with older respectful kids, but given her reserved and fearful manner, she wouldn’t be an ideal kids pet. She is still learning about house training, and her foster mom feels that she would not do well being left alone all day.

Please check back for updates as we share her progress in learning how to live outside of a cage.  You can connect with Brandi’s foster mom Janet at to check in on this sweet girl.


Ha! This is one of my “Bloopers” photos .. so silly!