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Bo has been adopted!

Sponsored by Carolyn and Paul, in loving memory of Kassie who came to us from Save Me.


It is my pleasure to introduce Bo. Bo is a nineteen pound bundle of energy! He has been a wonderful light in our family from the moment he arrived!

Bo is extremely well behaved, listens very well to his name, and is catching on to some basic commands. He is following direction from our dog and is a dog who just wants to please. He isn’t crazy about dog food, but boy does he love chicken! He walks very well on a leash and loves, loves, loves nature walks in the forest. He sleeps through the night and loves to snuggle right beside us. He does his business outside (for the most part) and gets so happy when he is told he’s a good boy! The very few times I have had to correct his behaviour with a firm no…he melts into the ground…feeling so bad he has disappointed (which makes me feel bad and then treats follow).

Bo has a course brindle coat and three long white hairs coming out the tip of his tail. He has the biggest ears and the whitest teeth I have ever seen on any pup. He has chewed a few things, shoes, and paper mostly which has taught us to pick up after ourselves. Bo has never been in a crate since he has been in foster care, and I have no worries leaving him for a bit during the day. He is a quiet boy who has barked once while on a walk.

In a nutshell, Bo is a happy, wonderful pup who would be a great addition to your family.



Bo was lovingly fostered by Brenda.