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Blu is in palliative care


Blu’s pull fee was sponsored by Paige M.


Now I gotta cut loose
Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes
Please, Louise, pull me off of my knees
Jack, get back, come on before we crack
Lose your Blu, everybody cut footloose

They’re playing his song! OK, we changed Kenny Loggin’s lyrics a wee bit. Our “Big Blu Machine” is finally “footloose” three months after surgery to help him deal with a seriously deformed left leg. It was found that the two bones (the ulna and radius) are actually fused, and his paw was almost at 90 degrees to his leg.

Now, even though it may not look significantly different, he is going to enjoy a better quality of life, thanks to this surgery. Dr. Levy and the entire staff of Thornbury Veterinary Hospital have been amazing throughout a lengthy recovery, making home visits and keeping a close eye on his progress.

Now, with the pins and frame removed, Blu will recuperate quietly for about two weeks and then we will evaluate and figure out his rehab program. Unfortunately, Blu’s right leg is also deformed (not as badly as his left), but we are not making any decisions at this time about another surgery for him.

We can’t say enough about this truly gentle giant. He has the most fabulous temperament in the world, and has dealt with SO much change and so many challenges in his life with such grace and fortitude. He has been a great patient. His foster mum says, “I’ve dealt with a LOT of medical situations throughout my life with horses, dogs and cats, so I can safely say Blu stands out as an amazing individual simply because he is so calm and laidback, which is what has made all of this possible for him. I don’t know a lot of other dogs who would have been able to remain so quiet for so long. He really seems to understand that we’re all helping him, so he just goes with the flow. He’s a truly happy guy and appreciates everything that’s done for him. Blu really is a darling dog.”

We want to thank all of you who have supported Blu with your messages, love and donations. It has truly helped this lovely dog get to a better place. Now, we are going to work with making him stronger, and going forward, we will post updates.

As such, again, please note that Blu is in our Rehabilitation Program, and not available for adoption.

If you would like to donate towards Blu’s medical care or the dogs in the rehab program please contact us at

To learn more about Blu, please contact her foster mom Julie at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while