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Blu was sponsored by Paige M.


Special Announcement

After almost two years in rehab/foster care, our sweet Great Dane Blu is finally moving to “Foster To Adopt” status. What does that mean? That means that we’re looking to carefully transition him to a very special Forever Home – one where he will be the centre of attention, get and give LOTS of love, and be cared for, well, forever.

Our ideal home for Blu is a giant breed/Dane experienced one, with few stairs (he really gets stuck upstairs, although if they’re carpeted it might help. Otherwise, you’ll be carrying him down.) We always want a securely fenced yard for our dogs, and again, as a goofy Dane, with NO idea of personal space, a home with great big dog-savvy children over 12 only.  Additionally, experience with dogs that have special needs or medical issues would be ideal.

Blu was surrendered to a shelter, in Kentucky. He was said to be approximately 3 years old, at the time. The story given was that, after his owner died, he went to live with her sister, but her two mastiffs would not accept him, and were nasty to him. Therefore, he was surrendered to the shelter. At some point in his young life, he had been given some medical care for his legs, but due to the changes in his circumstances, he was quite stressed, thin, and in drastic need of orthopedic surgery, to help him walk without stumbling, and live without pain. Both his front legs have fused and curved bones, due to bad nutrition, as a puppy. His ankles are weak and his legs are very crooked.

Once he settled into his foster home, and became familiar with our vet clinic and the staff, Blu underwent extensive surgery on his left front leg. He then spent four months quietly convalescing with an external frame, complete with pins up and down his left front leg. Blu was an exceptional patient, and recovered very well. He now is able to walk steadily, and actually, he runs even better than he walks! His zoomies are pretty crazy, even for a Great Dane. Blu is still flummoxed by indoor stairs (he can go up but not down, so a home where he can stay on one level is his best option). However, he is more than capable of climbing on and off the sofa, no problem!

Having said that, Blu is not able to withstand long or “rough” walks, or hiking trails. He loves to amble through the park, sniffing mostly, and peeing lots, and would be most happy to do short walks, a couple of times a day. He does NOT understand “heel”, at all, and typically just goes where he pleases, zigzagging along, with his human trailing behind. He also does best with a front clip harness.  Daily brief zoomies in the yard are the icing on the cake.

Blu is extremely affectionate – in fact, he is desperate to be loved. His dream is to be the Number One Guy in the household, and to be thisclose to his human(s) at all times. He will follow you from room to room, staying attached to you by leaning (it’s a Dane thang), and is happiest if he can be beside you as you do, well, anything really. Working at your desk? Under your feet. Cleaning? Gardening? Happy to “help” by standing right next to you. Watching TV? He’ll be cuddled up on that sofa, and on your lap. Going out? He definitely wants to go in the car, and is a very polite passenger (but a terrible navigator). Although it’s not really good for him, he loves to have his nose out the window, checking “the news”. Otherwise, he just lies quietly on the back seat (the entire back seat), enjoying you and the ride.

While he is a lovely boy, there are some key “Blu Notes” that any potential adopter should consider carefully:

  • Blu would be happiest in a home where he is the centre of attention, probably a one-dog-only situation. IF the home has a giant dog-friendly female dog, plus enough love to go around, that might work, but he truly, TRULY aches for most of the attention and love.
  • Blu has been living with a cat in the house. However, they’ve only come face-to-face a few times, and his foster mum believes he might chase a cat. He wouldn’t likely hurt the cat on purpose, but he does play HARD. So, probably best in a home without small furries.
  • Blu has had cherry eye surgery which failed, unfortunately. He has also tested positive for several anti-biotic resistant bacteria in his eyes, and they are VERY weepy and messy. He loathes having them cleaned and will drop his head, and run to a corner to avoid you. His eye ‘goop’ does get on furniture, clothing and pretty much everything else. He also drools considerably more than most Danes, and is a very messy (and frequent) drinker. Again, his eye goop and drool WILL stain upholstery and furniture finishes IF you don’t clean it, as soon as possible. You can expect to find it on woodwork, floors, and walls. He has been on allergy medications, antibiotics and allergen-free food, none of which made any difference. It’s just a “fact of Blu” that he’s a bit of a mess. However, he is somewhat better during the coldest weather, which certainly points to some environmental allergy.
  • While his orthopedic surgery was successful, and he is doing very well, there may come a time when his legs may develop arthritis. His lifespan might be more limited, therefore, than a normal giant breed dog. However, he is not showing any signs of complications at this time.
  • Blu suffers from anxiety, due to his sad history. When his foster momma moved in the fall, he was extremely upset, and was finally prescribed an anti-anxiety medication to help him cope before, during and after. Clearly, he was afraid of being abandoned again. However, once the move happened, and he settled in, he seemed happier, but due to his weight loss, we have continued with the medication, which seems to help him with everything.
  • He has overcome most of his fear of new people, and greets dog savvy folks happily. But, he can still be hand-shy if someone approaches him with a raised arm/hand, and will almost drop to the floor.
  • Blu is not fond of any type of training. He has learned to sit, and certainly is quick to learn daily routines involving food, but he is most certainly NOT a “scholarship candidate” for obedience school!
  • Despite everything he’s been through, he is a really good boy at the vet clinic. He goes in once a month for his nails. It does take several people to manage this process, as he cannot stand on three legs, so he has to lie down. But, he’s tolerant of it, and a good boy throughout.
  • He doesn’t hate the snow, but he surely hates the cold. Blu has a very warm winter coat, but is completely baffled when anyone tries to put it on over his head. He just doesn’t get the process, but once it’s on, he’s happy. That’s our Blu!


Here’s the final word, from Blu’s foster mum.

“Blu is a lovely, sweet dog, who makes friends wherever he goes. Everyone falls in love with him. Which is why I know that many folks will be moved to apply for him. However, he comes with a lot of anxieties, and needs a lot of maintenance. So, I am determined that we find him a home with humans who just love him more than they mind the “mess”. After being with me, for two years, I am very concerned about his anxiety in being re-homed again; however, I know in my heart that his emotional needs are not being met 100%. My hope is that some wonderful home’s unconditional love will defeat his anxiety, and get him through this process. He so deserves that, after all that he has been through, and all that he has achieved.”

If you have questions about Blu, please email his foster mum, at