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BiBi is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored by Karolina and Mark in loving memory of Mom Elizabeth.



Hello this is BiBi! I drove all the way from a shelter in Quebec and I’m in the midst of taking over my foster parents home and hearts.
✔️Show them how quiet I am
✔️Snuggle all day
✔️Show off my potty training
✔️Make the kids love me
✔️Play with the resident dog
✔️Train them to give me snacks with my sit, come and lay down commands

As you can see I’m well on my way to convincing them I should stay, but they still say I need my own forever home. I have a sore leg that we’re going to check out and then I’ll be ready for this family of my own. In the mean time i’ll hang out here and enjoy the cozy beds and yummy food.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress and when I’ll be available.

Be in touch soon!!

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only