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Sponsored by Kanan, Peter and Mukta (grammie), in loving memory of their beloved fur babies Billy, Emma and Cookie.



Bea, who is called Salem by her foster mom, is truly the sweetest girl, full of love to give and will make an amazing companion in the right home. She loves humans and wants to greet everyone she sees. She is medium energy, loves a romp at the dog park and toys, but is also happy to snuggle up beside you on the couch (or bed if she is able!). Salem walks well on leash and prefers collars to harnesses but will do either. She is able to self-correct without pulling using a collar which is great for walks. Despite being a country girl, she does very well in the city and is not scared by city sounds. She likes backyards, but would prefer to walk with you everyday, so a backyard is not necessary. She is great at dog parks once she has time to warm up to the space and this has been wonderful for her socialization. She prefers dogs closer to her size when socializing. She has not been overly reactive with cats who are socialized with dogs and can live with both dogs and cats in the house if properly introduced. Salem loves humans so much that she becomes upset when you first leave the house, she is working through this with her foster family using medication and will settle down and sleep in her crate ready to greet you when you come back. For this reason, Salem is best places in a house. She is only vocal for the first little while in her crate and is not vocal at all in the house. Salem is perfectly house trained and knows to go to the bathroom outside.

Salem is also good with children. She knows some basic commands and is working on learning more everyday. She would do wonderfully in a home where there are multiple people, for those working part-time or from home to have the support she needs to grow. She is an amazing, sweet, and smart girl who is absolutely full of love.

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only