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Baby is in rehab – Not accepting applications

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It’s Baby!

All the way from Tennessee, this tiny tot traveled in search of a home that will provide her unconditional love, care and companionship. Baby is a 3 year old Chihuahua crossed with Dachshund who weighs 9.7 lbs. Tiny in size, delicate features with an expressive face. She will surely win your heart with her puppy dog eyes!

Baby currently resides in a foster home that is busy with canine shenanigans. At first she was shy and observant of her new surroundings from the comfort of her own crate, however, after a week of coping with her new routine she is becoming more comfortable. She is opening up and showing her affectionate side with her humans and canines. Baby has showcased her playful side while interacting with her foster sibling who is similar in size but tends to stay guarded around larger dogs. She likes to play fetch with stuffed animals until she has tired herself out then she’ll climb into a nice warm bed and curl up for a snooze, burrowing herself under her blanket.

We are hoping to cat test Baby in the near future. Baby seems interested in younger children but hasn’t come into direct contact with them while in her foster’s care. Her personality stays cheerful when she is around adults who have a calmer disposition and has expressed fear when in the presence of those who are high energy, overly excited personalities.

Baby is a curious girl who lacks confidence in social settings. She looks to her handler for confirmation and guidance. Baby does suffer from separation anxiety which might be a reaction to all the recent changes however, it might be ideal for Baby to be in a home where her dog parent(s) are home most of the day. Not much of an active girl, after a few runs around the backyard she is ready to climb back into her blanket to sleep the day away.

Baby’s foster parent is still getting to know what makes Baby tick. Stayed tuned for updates.

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