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Angel is in rehab

Sponsored by Danny and Ricki in celebration of Bernice & Norm’s 65th wedding anniversary and Norm’s 90th Birthday! 


Angel was recently pulled from a shelter, moments before her she was to be euthanized. The shelter staff felt she was rehab-able and in serious need of a foster home to work with her. We got the call.

Angel came in a closed crate labeled “Flight Risk”. She sat inside, shaking, as she made her was from Kentucky to Ontario. When the crate door opened, a very scared and unsure dog emerged and headed right to a hiding spot under a table.

Within a few days, an Angel emerged and spread her wings.

Angel is house trained, crate trained and for the most part, a very quiet girl. She is a complete love bug and is so anxious to please her people. She enjoys the company of her foster parents and the foster home dogs. Angel does not like cats. Angel would blossom in a home that worked with her doing tricks and rewarding with praise to encourage and build confidence.

At this time, we are working on how Angel greets people. She really struggles in this area and it appears to be out of fear, uncertainty and a history of repercussion to her reaction to strangers. We’re teaching Angel how to greet strangers in confidence and without fear.

Angel is not accepting applications at this time as her foster home is currently working to expand her life experience, build her confidence and work on her introduction skills with people she meets.

For more information about Angel, feel free to contact her foster mom Colleen at