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Angel is in rehab

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Watch Angel run and play in the snowy yard, click HERE  or HERE.

This beautiful dog is Angel and I am Angel’s foster mom, Colleen. I cannot wait to tell you about this girl!

Angel is going to require a very specific forever home and when she finds it, she will reward her family with so much love and loyalty. As her foster mom, I can tell her future family that without doubt, she will be worth a little extra effort. Here’s why..

Angel is one of the most amazing dogs I’ve fostered. She has a beautiful blend of energy. She’s excited to run and play in the yard (rain, sun or snow!) but just as quickly she settles and respects calmness in a home. Angel listens really well and is a very smart dog. She truly wants to make her people happy. She is house trained, however she is crated when we go out of the house. She quite enjoys the safety of her crate, so we always have it available for her. She gets along well with her foster dog siblings but should not be placed with cats. She would do best with dogs her size, that are social.

She wants to be with her people and involved in what they’re doing around the house and yard. She enjoys laying on the couch beside you during tv time, or at your feet if you’re working at a table/desk. She’s happy and content when she is comfortable and secure in a home.

Angel does not do well meeting new people. She is quite anxious and vocal. It’s heart breaking to see the change in her loving demeanor when a new person approaches her. If it’s more than one person, she runs and hides/cowers. It’s quite clear that she was not socialized well in her puppyhood years.

She does come around to her caretakers, she loves and trusts me and it didn’t take her long at all. She had to be moved another home for a few weeks while I went on holidays, she settled after a few days and was fine once she had a chance to observe in her new surroundings.

The issue will be her initial meet and greet with an adopter and then visitors to her forever home once she moves.

Angel’s perfect family would be one that can understand that she has fears of new people and manage it. In our home, we have a crate for her to go to when people come to the house. This allows her to observe from a safe place, and prevents any issues/interactions. This may be something that will need to be done forever, OR this may be something that she will overcome with enough time and patience.

Angel’s ideal home: no kids, no cats, minimal visitors to the home, a safe space for a crate for when people do come, a home that is in the country were she isn’t faced with strangers constantly, a fenced yard that she can play in, and lastly, a family that can move slowly with her initially and who can be calm and understanding with her.

I can promise that the family that adopts Angel will develop an amazing bond with her and will enjoy her to the fullest. She is a big part of our home, she’s got a beautiful balance of energy and she loves to be close to us.

Thank you for taking the time to read Angel’s bio.. long as it is. She deserves the extra details in order to find the very best home for her.

Angel’s foster mom – Colleen


If you would like to know more about Angel, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her foster mom Colleen at .

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only