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Ainsley is available for adoption

Sponsored by Maria A. and her beautiful rescue dog Penelope


Hello, my name is Ainsley and I am currently living with my foster parents and looking for my adoptive family.

So let me tell you a bit about myself! I like sniffing around and chasing squirrels so I hope you have a yard with a fence so that I can roam free and still be safe! When I’m not sniffing for squirrels, I might hunt for people food from on tables or wanting hours upon hours of tummy rubs! I like being around friendly people but when I know that I like someone especially, I will hang around them, snuggle in, and ask for more tummy rubs! I’m sure that I will like your house if you feed me and give me a treat once in a while! (I enjoy human food without spices or seasoning). I might not come right away if you call my name, so kissing noises and things like that might work better. I like going for walks with my people but get scared if I meet a big dog. I need you to help me feel safe around other animals. The only time I speak is when I really want to chase something, then I will yelp and yowl but only for a bit. I barked once at the neighbor who was acting suspicious at night, but otherwise, I’m quiet as a mouse. I like children a lot and want to greet them with friendly sniffs. I hope you don’t mind me being on your couch and making a nest with your pillows, because that’s where I’ll be most of the time when I’m indoors. I do most of my business outside, but if the urge comes upon me, and you’re not paying attention, I might find a piece of paper and adapt it to my needs. I don’t know many tricks so you’ll have to teach me! I’m very timid at times but if I can warm up to you, I will be very comfortable and happy!

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